Offering Surfaces that Inspire since 1986. 

Serving the architectural community with an extensive range of quality tile, stone and cladding systems.

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Our expert resources are dedicated to providing you with innovative products and custoized solutions that will enchance your project, save time, improve installing and provide enchanced technical benefits. Please see ABOUT US


What we offer:


  • high quality finishes selected from the top manufacturers
  • cost effective solutions
  • faster, cleaner, smarter installations
  • high recycled content
  • improved air quality
  • simplified and cost efficient maintenance programs
  • extensive product testing
  • written specifications
  • on site service
  • after sales service to your client
  • slip fall solutions
  • health and safety (antibacterial, CNIB, food preparation)
  • troubleshooting and forensic inspections
  • sales representatives are technically trained to be of the most assistance
  • customized solutions that work for you

 How can we help you do more for your clients?  Time? Money?


 Our services are free to architects and designers who specify our products